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AJAX Smart Wireless Security Systems is an alarm hardware manufacturer based in Eastern Europe.
Ajax systems with Smart Wireless Security System to receive a statuette for “Intruder Alarm or Exterior Deterrent Product of the Year"

A complex system that's easily controlled:
Ajax is the result of an era when computers are getting more complex, but usability is improving even faster. We created a security system that can be easily customized, armed/disarmed and monitored with just a few tap on your mobile device.

The New Generation Of Wireless Security Systems

Ajax Hub enhances the performance of each device in the Ajax system. It monitors and controls network devices and collects data using Jeweller, our advanced wireless connection technology. The hub analyzes threats, filters false alarms and alerts you of any real danger. Additional protection against sabotage makes Ajax Hub unassailable, along with any premises it protects.

" We Built A Security System From Scratch. "

Using our passion for combining art with technology, We created a super-reliable, elegant, easy- to- install and user friendly security system.  The New Generation Of Wireless Security Systems