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Golmar’s history has been characterized by a clear and dedicated search of the excellence.

Golmar Sistemas de Comunicación S.A. was set up in 1954. The first door intercom was developed in 1958, followed some years later by the video door intercom, which today has become the most important product.

Export has been a main activity of the company since 1968. Currently, it accounts for more than 65% of production and has extended to over 55 countries, particularly to the demanding European Community members.
In 1994, the company was the first in Spain to develop a digital video intercom system, being a clear example of innovative products. A key factor for success is the ability to develop new products and adapt them to each market’s specific requirements.
During the last quarter of 1997 it moved to its current premises located in a modern 6,500 sqm building, minutes away from Barcelona Airport as well as from downtown.

Golmar was the first Spanish company in the field to obtain the ISO 9000:2000 Certification, granted by the prestigious Swiss company SGS in 2001.
In 2004, it celebrated its 50th anniversary and created subsidiaries in some European countries.

The company currently employs more than one hundred people, where the Innovation Department approximately represents 10% of the total staff.
All in all, Golmar has embarked on an ambitious project, so as to become one of the main European manufacturers of the video door intercom field.