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SBOX Access Control Embedded Server is specially developed for the SMB market ; delivers 100% contents via Web navigator, building an incredibly flexible Access control management system, which can be accessed from any location via a TCP/IP network.

SBOX-E is a revolutionary Server with an embedded operational system which is able to store the Access Control System. Easy installation, configuration and operation turn into reality the application of a complete and sophisticated Plug and Play Access control system. 

SBOX-E is another remarkable combination the access control system with our tightly integrated Video Management System. All can be managed through an easy to learn web browser interface, providing users with extensive control over their video and physical security.It is built on Embedded platform and provides an ideal platform for small to medium businesses as well as the ability to grow the system to meet organizational needs over time. The ability to integrate with access control monitoring and connect these events with video information, makes SBOX-E a must have for any new or existing security system.

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Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and
goods securely inside and threats outside has become a fundamental
premise, solidifying the use of security systems such as Access Control. In a Globalized world such as today’s, our solutions allow multi-site companies to have the power to administrate their system from a single location, remotely, reducing operational costs and centralizing expertise. At the same time, Access Control offers total mobility, because it is a WEB platform allowing any computer or mobile device with a navigator to be connected to the system, through the intranet/internet. It is an open architecture solution, making integration with several other systems easy, either through SDK, Matadata, or Data Banks.

Is a software module for a local access control server. Having several resources such as integration with CFTV systems, elevator control,
intrusion alarm sensors, integration with fire detection systems, visitor registration and control system (VMS), and much more. It works in
conjunction with site controllers (doors, turnstiles, elevators, lockers/racks, gates/barriers, etc.), feeding them with the business rules and receiving their transactions. In case your server is off-line, the controllers will continue to operate in a transparent manner, allowing people and
vehicles to continue circulating according to their privileges, and when communication is reestablished, all the information will be synchronized
with the server. In addition, the VAULT ENTERPRISE SITE communicates constantly with the VAULT ENTERPRISE CENTRAL, to update and
backup your Data Bank, incrementing, in an exponential way the System’s security and integrity.



Is responsible for centralizing and managing all the information from all the sites. It may segment the Access privileges and reports of all the sites, independently. It receives the transactions from all the servers with VAULT ENTERPRISE SITE, and organizes them in its Central Data Bank. It is a powerful tool for large scale systems, making their administration easier and guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability on large data volume. It also has additional valuable tools such as Web Visitors Pre-registration, Data Bank segmentation and much more.

• Programmable functions, such as alarm entry control, elevator
control, controller downloads and uploads, multi-level local and
global antipassback, integration with fire systems, grouping of escape routes, door security clearance, import and export utilities, etc.
• Off- the- shelf, pre-formatted multiple integrations, such as real-time video and CFTV reproduction, LPR Systems, etc.
• Multiple card formats and facility codes;
• Flexible commands for card users such as temporary access level
(shift changes) and provisional cards, card lock, penalties, card and event tracking, Double custody of access cards, etc.;
• Optional guard patrol system, alarm monitoring, I/Os control,
multi-level locker and rack control;