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VIVOS Alarm system provide of technology products with local advantages. Digital security for your peacefulness.
VG1 is highly sophisticated home security alamr system advanced engineering technology. VIVOS innovate new technique, which has high integration, good reliability, advanced technology, mightiness function and "EZ-P" (Eazy Programming) Techique.

• Fully Programmable 10 zones with EOL on board.  
• Access Code: 1 Master Code And 15 User Code  
• Maximum up to 4 LCD display keypad  
• 2 x Partition 
• 2 arming modes (Away & Home)
• Walk test, system test & auto daily test
• Individual zone bypass function
• Auto detecting keypad & module during startup 
• Duress alarm Identification for User 1 ~ User 4
• Personal reporting (Voice - English Or Mandarin )
• Remotely call in/out to on/off system
• 2 CMS & 4 personal reporting numbers
• 1 CMS account

"EZ- P" Technology